Month: May 2019

How do you get a payday loan? Check what you have to doHow do you get a payday loan? Check what you have to do

A payday loan is a type of loan that is fully paid to the borrower in cash. Sometimes it is also colloquially called a payday loan, although a loan differs a lot from a loan. Until recently, getting a bank loan was quite difficult. At present, bank payday loans are no longer subject to so many formalities and conditions. What exactly […]

How to Perform Your Comparative CreditHow to Perform Your Comparative Credit

Throughout our lives we can borrow money, whether it’s to buy a car, buy a house, do some work, or even finance personal projects such as travel or a wedding. Indeed, the use of credit is increasingly used because rates are always more interesting, and we do not always want to tap into our savings, […]

Repurchase of credit over 25 yearsRepurchase of credit over 25 years

    Get a reduction in your monthly payments and reimburse your new monthly payment over 25 years (300 months). Repurchase of credits over 300 months Consolidation of loans makes it possible to reduce the amount of its monthly payments in favor of a single credit based on a rescheduled repayment period: 25 years for […]