Month: June 2019

Securities LoanSecurities Loan

Securities Loans – A Chance and a Risk In the case of a securities loan, the lender’s security deposit serves as collateral. To be able to take out such a loan, the customer must have a significant securities deposit. This can be borrowed and serves the bank as collateral. Owners of securities often use the […]

New cars largely financed by creditNew cars largely financed by credit

Auto credit accounts for 70% of new vehicle financing. Leasing and long-term leasing is nibbling more and more market share. The average price of new cars up With more than 38 million vehicles registered in 2016, the French car fleet is continuing its expansion momentum. The car has become indispensable for the citizens of the […]

MPC: interest rates unchanged – Housing loanMPC: interest rates unchanged – Housing loan

Interest rates announced by the MPC are one of the most important parameters on the Polish financial market. The interest on savings and credit products offered by banks depends mainly on them. Interest rates indirectly affect economic growth and the level of inflation. The latter variable has been assuming negative values ​​for 16 months, which […]