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Credits to individuals: production acceleratesCredits to individuals: production accelerates

Outstanding loans and loans to individuals continue to grow, according to the latest publication of the Francia Bank. The institution even notes an acceleration, for both housing loans and consumer credit. A steady rise in outstanding How much is the outstanding amount of housing loans granted to individuals? According to the BdF, the market is […]

When does a resident have to pay the borrower’s debt?When does a resident have to pay the borrower’s debt?

  Sometimes you hear that a loan has been “devoured” – that is, an additional person has vouched for the borrower by pledging to repay the obligation if the borrower fails to do so. Although many people think that this is just a mere formality, such a guarantee is binding on the bank and in some […]

Mortgage loans: low interest rates increase household borrowing capacityMortgage loans: low interest rates increase household borrowing capacity

Current lending conditions have a leverage effect on household borrowing capacity which has nearly doubled in 10 years. Real estate credit has become cheap This is a statement that should delight the households who have plans to access the property. Their borrowing capacity has never been as high as it is now. And that’s an […]

Securities LoanSecurities Loan

Securities Loans – A Chance and a Risk In the case of a securities loan, the lender’s security deposit serves as collateral. To be able to take out such a loan, the customer must have a significant securities deposit. This can be borrowed and serves the bank as collateral. Owners of securities often use the […]

MPC: interest rates unchanged – Housing loanMPC: interest rates unchanged – Housing loan

Interest rates announced by the MPC are one of the most important parameters on the Polish financial market. The interest on savings and credit products offered by banks depends mainly on them. Interest rates indirectly affect economic growth and the level of inflation. The latter variable has been assuming negative values ​​for 16 months, which […]

How do you get a payday loan? Check what you have to doHow do you get a payday loan? Check what you have to do

A payday loan is a type of loan that is fully paid to the borrower in cash. Sometimes it is also colloquially called a payday loan, although a loan differs a lot from a loan. Until recently, getting a bank loan was quite difficult. At present, bank payday loans are no longer subject to so many formalities and conditions. What exactly […]

How to Perform Your Comparative CreditHow to Perform Your Comparative Credit

Throughout our lives we can borrow money, whether it’s to buy a car, buy a house, do some work, or even finance personal projects such as travel or a wedding. Indeed, the use of credit is increasingly used because rates are always more interesting, and we do not always want to tap into our savings, […]