Repurchase of credit over 25 years

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Get a reduction in your monthly payments and reimburse your new monthly payment over 25 years (300 months).

Get a reduction in your monthly payments and reimburse your new monthly payment over 25 years (300 months).

Repurchase of credits over 300 months

Consolidation of loans makes it possible to reduce the amount of its monthly payments in favor of a single credit based on a rescheduled repayment period: 25 years for example. It is possible to collect loans of various kinds (consumer loans and/or home loans) and this formula is intended for homeowner borrowers. The duration of the redemption of credits depends on two major elements: the amount of loans to be repurchased and the capacity of repayment of the household. The aim of the funding is to reduce the household’s monthly debt ratio, the duration must be consistent and must make it possible to rebalance the budget (expenditure/income).

Several elements can have an influence on the repayment term, even if the objective for the borrower is to leave on a repurchase of credit over 25 years. The rate, the debt capacity and the amount of a possible new project are three elements that can affect the repayment period, it is for this reason that it is recommended to carry out a simulation of loan consolidation in order to know the feasibility over 25 years of repayment. During an analysis, the analyst is responsible for respecting the wishes of the borrower while proposing a suitable solution, in accordance with his duty to advise.

Simulation of a 25-year credit redemption

Simulation of a 25-year credit redemption

The feasibility of a loan consolidation project can be simulated for free and without online commitment. Just fill in the simulation form and validate it. The result of the simulation allows you to preview the amount of your future monthly payment. It is essential to capture the right information in order to obtain a result that is as close as possible to reality. Only a study by an expert analyst (also free) will confirm this result.

  • Repurchase of credit over 24 years
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